BSME Primary Teachers Conference 2012, Dubai.

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December 20, 2012 by dragonflytraining


CPD Programme Newsletter December 2012
BSME Primary Teachers Conference, November 2012, Dubai.

Early in November Dragonfly Training was once again an integral part of the Primary Teachers Conference and delivered various sessions over a period of 3 days at Jess Arabian Ranches, Dubai. Having provided CPD for the last 2 years of the BSME, world renowned trainers Steve Chapman and Alan Jervis once again delivered totally hands-on, practical and inspirational courses and were accompanied by the highly-regarded Rebecca Cadman who is currently the Assistant Headteacher at Barry Island Primary, which won the prestigious ICT School of Britain award.

bsme 12 a

We would like to thank Rebecca Annand, BSME CPD Coordinator  for all of her hard work organising the conference and for her continued support of Dragonfly Training.

The following has been extracted from the BSME December 2012 Newsletter.

This is the second year in a row that we have worked with Dragonfly Training, and with good reason! The feedback is simply wonderful and you can literally feel the way teachers have been inspired as you read their comments below. They really do deliver ‘what it says on the can’ – exciting, practical ideas that can be taken straight into the classroom to improve teaching and learning. We look forward to working with Dragonfly Training in other sectors of education in the future – Rebecca Annand, BSME CPD Coordinator

bsme 12

Would you recommend this programme to others: 95% YES, 5% (1 person) NO
What is your overall rating of this program: Excellent 42.9% Very Good, 38.1% Good, 19% Good 0%

Second time around for me and as enjoyable as the first. Once again I am taking a ton of information away with me and am excited to incorporate new ways of doing things into my teaching practice. Lynne Bolton, Saharan British Grammar School, Year 5 Teacher.

The presenter’s knowledge and passion for improving the quality of teaching and learning was a pleasure to see. I really enjoyed meeting delegates from other schools and sharing areas of expertise. Ann Djedid, Compass International School Doha Qatar, Learning Improvement Leader, IPC Year 5 Teacher.

It was a great learning experience for me and the trainers were storehouse of innovative technique of teaching (massive!). I am new to this line/style of teaching and I am now all the more motivated to learn more wonderful new things Reena Singh, Compass International School, Al Khor, Classroom Teacher.

The sessions with Rebecca I found very useful. I would have liked more time with her. She gave practical advice and examples which could be implemented in class immediately. One app she recommended does not seem to appear in the the App Store though, even though I have a UK account. This was one called 2 Simple and looked very interesting. Angela Souter, Jebel Ali Primary School Dubai, Year 2 Teacher and ICT Leader.

Overall, the whole Primary teachers Conference was a huge success and are looking forward to working with the BSME at various events throughout 2013.

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