Teachmeet: Standby and Learn

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February 13, 2013 by dragonflytraining


On the 7th of February, the underground revolution that is the Teachmeet made it’s way to the Hereford Academy (@THA_info) for TM Standby & Learn with over 70 ‘enthusiastic lurkers’ in attendance.

A TeachMeet is an informal gathering for those of us who are enthusiastic about teaching and who are keen to share ideas. Everyone is invited to share approaches they have trialled in their classrooms, examples of good practice, to ask questions or simply to soak up all the ideas and atmosphere.

The main point of a TeachMeet is to hear stories about learning from teachers and other education professionals. It is about being engaged and inspired by our immediate colleagues and gaining a whole bucket load of networking to boot!

Unfortunately, the 1st speaker Neil Jeffery was unable to attend, but somehow still delivered a great presentation via a late replacement. You can follow him on (@SirBlimelyWindy) to find out what he had too say about using Twitter in the Classroom. Next up was meet organiser, Matt Ferriday (@ferridaym) who delivered a great presentation on how to use free software tools such as Class Dojo, Popplet, prezi, X-Ray Vision, popcorn webmaker and my ebook.com. You can view his presentation here.

Further fantastic ways of using ICT came from Hereford Academy residents Kevin Morris (@kevinPmorris) and Fiona Barry (@fionabaz) whose tools included using an Xbox, yes an Xbox and Go Animate were not only funny, but incredibly useful.

More great resources came from teachmeet enthusiast Fiona Thomas (@richardfiona) whose talk on using Google apps was extremely creative and can be used in various capacities as she emphasised whilst utilising it for her Year 2 students! Fiona was so engaged with the meet that she won Dragonfly Training (@dragonfly_edu) prize for most #TMSandL tweets.

Congratulations to Fiona Thomas for most #TMSandL tweets, winning the critically acclaimed Dragonfly ‘ICP: Spoon Feed No More’ book.

Photo 07-02-2013 19 46 36

The events keynote speaker @Hywel_Roberts  and author of ‘Oops: Helping children learn accidently’ delivered an inspiring ’20 minute ramble’ (his words) and was well-received by all in attendance. You can view his presentation here.

The events penultimate speaker was via a digital performance from Julia Skinner (@TheHeadsOffice) whose powerful presentation on the 100 Word Challenge concept which is designed to encourage creative writing for young people got a round of applause. Julia’s efforts have seen her work endorsed by BrainPop UK, Rising Stars and The Night Zoo Keeper.

Finally, TMSandL was concluded with what appeared to be a weatherman-esque enactment using a green curtain and iMovie by Alessio Bernardelli (@asober) which really summed up the evening and can only be gauged by the following tweet by Ann Carter (@Annie_Carter).

tmsandl tweet

To get the full benefit of Teachmeet Standby & Learn – Follow the events ongoings on #TMSandL and a big thank you to Matt Ferriday and everyone at the Hereford Academy for putting on a great evening.


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