#Teachmeet: We support you!

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March 19, 2013 by dragonflytraining



Dragonfly Training has sponsored various teachmeets in the past and support has always been well received by the organisers and attendees.

Dragonfly makes the following commitments when supporting any given teachmeets.

If asked, Dragonfly WILL continue to:

•Give away free CPD courses
•Give away free books
•Give away free resources
•Provide post-meet blogs highlighting the presenters’ great presentations
•Help promote via social media

Dragonfly WILL NOT:

•Ask for any money for any form of support, sponsorship, expenses etc
•Sell our service at any meet
•Take any credit for the organisation of meets attended
•Present and deliver a sales pitch
•Attend any teachmeet without invitation or ticket
•Create a directory for the purpose of driving traffic to our website or data capture.

We understand that teachmeets are ‘for teachers, by teachers’ which is in fact, the notion we have always employed ourselves (it’s in our logo) and wish to continue our support of CPD gained through teachmeets and twitter.

Dragonfly has also offered support blogs to @BATTTUK which once again, is a genuine and non-profit attempt to help teachers gain CPD through all mediums across the board.

We have supported:

Here’s what some of the organisers and benefiting teachers have said…

teachmeet support 1teachmeet support 2teachmeet support 3

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