Raising the Attainment of Welsh Pupils Through Cost-Effective CPD

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February 23, 2015 by dragonflytraining

Wales CPD for Teachers

After the recent release of the new banding systems for Welsh schools, increasing pressures have been put on teachers to deliver excellent lessons for their pupils.  At Dragonfly Training, we understand how difficult it is to do this with very little direction or accessible training. That’s why we’re offering ongoing support to you and your school through our cost-effective CPD in Cardiff.

As a Welsh based company, we pride ourselves in equipping teachers with the tools they need to raise the attainment of all their pupils through our highly effective professional development.  Knowing and understanding areas that need to be improved so that the attainment of all pupils can be raised is half the battle for all Welsh schools. However, through our practical and hands-on courses we will give you the direction that you need to consistently deliver a high standard of teaching. 

Popular CPD to Help Raise Attainment of your Pupils

Using iPads to Improve Literacy & Numeracy (LNF) Cardiff 10th March

Closing the Poverty and Achievement Gap between FSM and non-FSM Pupils with an Excellent Pastoral System – Cardiff 13th March

Improving the Numeracy Levels of FSM and Non-FSM Pupils Cardiff 20th March

Raising the Attainment of Low Achievers (FSM and Non-FSM Pupils) Cardiff 9th March

You can find more courses by downloading our PDF with courses specifically aimed at teachers in Wales…

Wales CPD Courses

If you or a colleague of yours is interested in booking onto our highly effective CPD then please email info@dragonfly-training.co.uk, phone 029 2071 1787 or visit our website directly, www.dragonfly-training.co.uk. We would also like to make you aware of our multiple bookings discount scheme. By booking a number of our hotel-based courses at the same time, you really can stretch your CPD budget this term to ensure all teachers at your school are getting tried-and-tested, reliable and cost-effective CPD with Dragonfly Training.

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