Sector-Leading Practice in the Use of Data within Schools

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March 5, 2015 by dragonflytraining

Teacher Training International

On the 24th March, Dragonfly Training will be in Kuwait alongside GL Education, to run a unique course that uses key evidence collected from school data to find problems and solutions that will lead to the improved performance of pupils.

The course,  Sector-Leading Practice in the Use of Data within Schools, will provide an overiew of how core assessments can support the assessment cycle within a school, as well as showing a ‘real-life’ example of our core assessments in practice. Teachers attending the course will be shown how to interpret data to improve the performance of ALL pupils, from lower achievers to those aspiring for the top grades.

We want you to walk away having looked at the most effective strategies for directly improving results, and knowing how you can implement these strategies to great effect within your classroom.

If you click on the following link you’ll find a full description of the course, along with the exact location and price.

Sector-Leading Practice in the Use of Data within Schools

Schools are having to evolve to meet the expectations of not only a data-driven society, but now an evidence-based approach to teaching and learning, too. Leadership teams in schools are being challenged like never before to utilise data more effectively to support the demands from the range of stakeholders across their schools. Evidence and data is needed to meet the demands of school inspections, monitor student progress, ensure students reach their potential, manage staff performance and effectively engage with stakeholders – whether parents or financial sponsors.

This full day workshop will provide a plethora of opportunities for senior colleagues in schools to explore and gain hands-on experience of the positive impact of using and interpreting data from a variety of sources with colleagues across their schools from classroom teachers, middle management and school governors. Delegates are asked to bring with them sample assessments from a class of their students prior to the workshop – details of which will be communicated following booking. This will allow real data to be used as part of the workshop to ensure the day is as hands-on as possible.

The workshop will be split into two halves:

Part One – Led by GL Education’s International Consultant Alison Chapman

Alison will lead attending delegates through thorough coverage of the following:

Showing how CAT4 data can be used alongside other assessment data within the school to support teaching and learning

  • Giving hands-on practice of analysing CAT4 data
  • Considering ways of effectively sharing data with teachers, students and parents

Part Two – Led by Dragonfly Training’s inspirational trainer Neil Atkin

Neil will take over in the second half of the day to:

Give practical examples of how to deal with the issues the data shows

  • Extend the most able and motivating the C/D borderline students
  • Explore in depth 10 strategies for improving results

If you would like to find out more about this course, please feel free to contact us via, or phone +44 ​29 2071 1787.


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