TeachPitch Partners With Dragonfly To Train More Teachers

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March 16, 2015 by dragonflytraining

TeachPitch And Dragonfly

Teachpitch and Dragonfly Training are very happy to announce their new partnership, with an aim to help teachers develop and effectively expand on their teaching knowledge.

Hear what TeachPitch have to say about the partnership:

We are very excited to announce our partnering with Dragonfly, one of the leading teacher training agencies in the UK

Dragonfly is well-known for the development of its high quality CPD courses and training programs. They have have been successfully providing teachers with hands-on, cost-effective CPD for over 15 years, having trained thousands of teachers.

“We are very happy to be working with the team at Dragonfly. With its ‘For Teachers By Teachers’ approach, Dragonfly has positioned itself uniquely in the UK market.  We are very pleased to be a part of the current digital transition the company is making. Through our partnership we will help to share Dragonfly’s growing offering of high-quality online courses, successfully assisting TeachPitch teachers from all over the world.” said Aldo de Pape, founder of TeachPitch.

“We are really excited to be moving forward in this partnership with TeachPitch. After meeting Aldo at #TLT14 last year, his vision and passion to help teachers was something that we wanted to get involved in. TeachPitch is a great place for teachers to find the best teaching resources online. It allows for simple development, and we want to help them get the message out their, and ultimately get more teachers signed up!” said Jamie Bentley, Marketing Manager at Dragonfly Training.

Teachers will be able to consult Dragonfly’s online ideas and products directly via our the TeachPitch library, allowing them to fully use Dragonfly’s offering and making it an integral part of their further professional development path.

Follow TeachePitch on Twitter, @teachpitch: https://twitter.com/teachpitch?lang=en-gb

Visit their website and see how you can benefit by clicking on the following link:


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