A Practical Guide to Effective Differentiated Learning

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March 25, 2015 by dragonflytraining

Real Differentiation for Real Classrooms

Challenging students of different abilities is vital to achieve outstanding overall progress. This course will provide a plethora of ideas, tips and structures to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged. It will offer a new perspective that takes into account literacy and learning style issues but will, most importantly, be grounded in reality!

The course will be delivered through examples drawn from a wide range of subjects and can be tailored to any age range. Effective differentiation is key to enabling every student to fulfill their potential in the classroom. This course explores practical approaches to creating differentiated schemes of work and lesson plans. This will enable delegates to engage, motivate and stretch every member of the class.

This course includes:
• Superb course materials
• Refreshments and a two course lunch

  1. Provide a range of proven lesson-ready strategies that reflect best practice from around the world
  2. Demonstrate how to adapt these strategies to specific age ranges
  3. Explain how to develop a successful differentiated learning classroom
  4. Implement ideas that are low on teacher time but high on effective differentiation

This course will be delivered by Alan Jervis, one of the most experienced teacher trainers, having delivered courses successfully to thousands of teachers.



About Dragonfly Training…

Dragonfly Training is one of the UK’s leading teacher training providers and a genuine world leader in education, delivering courses brimming with inspirational ideas from all over the globe.

We provide no-nonsense, jargon-free training in a unique hands-on and totally practical style. We believe in a ‘traditionally modern’ approach to education. This means establishing a foundation of the very best tried and tested techniques that successful teachers have been practising for decades, whilst also embracing revolutionary new innovations that have the power to raise motivation and academic attainment.

We believe that actions speak louder than words and at the heart of our education philosophy lies academic rigour, not buzz words. Our hand-picked selection of expert trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge and their superb reputation is reflected in our outstanding feedback.

We have received the top ‘1’ rating from 92% of teachers attending our hotel-based courses and from 83% of teachers participating in our in-school training programmes. As our reputation has spread, so has our international presence and our training is now delivered across many parts of the world.

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