R4L: Research for Learning

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April 1, 2015 by dragonflytraining

In recent years we have seen an unprecedented rise in our understanding of what works best in classrooms. Based on extensive worldwide research, teachers now have the information they need to understand which classroom interventions have the best ‘effect’…

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“Superb! RfL bridged the gap between theory and practice, my brain hurts, but in a good way!” ROSS MCGILL (@TEACHERTOOLKIT)

“A stimulating and informative day – bringing research closer to practice!” JAMES PROBERT, OLCHFA COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL

“Excellent day that came at just the right time for us in terms of our department as an Academy focused on teacher-led research.” ANGELA LAVENTURE, HARRIS ACADEMY MORDEN

“The course brought together the current theorists work really well and provided effective strategies to exemplify how to move it into the classroom with ease.” DAWN PRICE, NORTH BROMSGROVE HIGH SCHOOL

“It’s been an intense experience and I could revise a lot of information from a different point of view. Interesting to see different aspects of education system.” AURORA CARRETERO-RAMOS, CENTRO DEL PROFESORADO DE MÁLAGA

“Excellent. Beign based on recent research rather than showing older techniques was good. Showing theory behind ideas rather than just techniques is much more beneficial.” HANNAH HUGHES, HOWELL’S SCHOOL


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