Practical Courses for Teachers with Pupils of SEN

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April 23, 2015 by dragonflytraining

Dragonfly Training and Independent Thinking, two of the UK’s leading educationaltraining providers, have come together to provide you with some thought provoking, creative and effective CPD at extremely cost-effective rates. Nina Jackson will be representing both companies on these unmissable training days in the summer 2015:

nina jackson CPD

Practical Strategies for using iPads with SEN Pupils


Birmingham 18 June | Cardiff 22 June | Manchester 3 July | London West 14 July

This engaging, practical course will help teachers and learners unlock the potential of iPads and explore how they can be integrated seamlessly into the curriculum as teaching and learning tools to aid learners with SEN. It will also show you how the iPad can develop the individual needs of each SEN learner by addressing their specific needs as well as raising levels of confidence, self-esteem and curriculum standards.

This course will provide you with an extensive toolkit of free and affordable apps that are suitable for teaching learners with SEN and communicate effectively their impact on learning needs. We will also look at a selection of apps that allow learners to communicate clearly and enable you to develop inclusive and differentiated resources.

Click the link to book or find out more:

nina jackson Picture SEN

Differentiation in the classroom for pupils with additional needs


Birmingham 19 June | Cardiff 23 June | Manchester 2 July | London West 13 July

Differentiation for pupils with additional needs can be both challenging and time consuming. This course will demonstrate practical ways to provide challenge and accessible learning opportunities for pupils with a range of additional needs. These will include pupils with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and emotional, social and behavioural needs. The course is suitable for both newly qualified and experienced teachers and support staff.

Delegates will explore a range of differentiation techniques and develop strategies for promoting learning specific to the needs of individual pupils. It will also explore the importance and effectiveness of assessment in order to promote maximum attainment for the whole class.

Click the link to book or find out more:

To find out more about the above courses, please email either or

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