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October 26, 2015 by dragonflytraining

At Dragonfly Training, we believe in giving teachers as much support as possible in order for them to succeed in the classroom. By delivering hundreds of CPD courses to thousands of teachers each year we often reach our goal, however, there is more to supporting a teacher than just CPD.

Not too long ago, I had a fantastic meeting with Crown House Publishing – the award-winning independent publisher. After a very  productivity chat we realised that our desire to support teachers across the globe was an interest we both shared. Dragonfly Training have always been there to support teachers through highly effective, practical and hands-on CPD. However, we know that not every school will let you out of the classroom to learn – unless of course it is for an in-school training day.

That’s where companies such as Crown House Publishing can really support teachers in order for them to succeed in the classroom – through their (beyond) impressive plethora of the best educational books around!

There is nothing better than having a reliable and readily available educational resource with you at all times, and through the impressive collection that Crown House have to offer, you can guarantee that the book you choose will be worth every penny.

Crown House

A well designed and impressive catalogue that brings the most important and influential authors and books together under one roof, it is no wonder they are now thriving under a team of highly skilled and creative people who love working with authors to create highly informative, instructional, fun and often life changing books.

Crown House 3

We’ll be making sure all our course delegates will be receiving a Crown House Books Catalogue this term, but if you’re not booked onto a course why not visit them directly via

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