Which Department Cares Most About CPD?

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January 21, 2016 by dragonflytraining

Recently I checked out how many bookings we had (Dragonfly Training) for our hotel-based CPD courses in the autumn term 2015. The aim was to see the correlation of bookings to department. This has a huge impact on the courses I choose to add for the following term – what is needed what is out of date.

Some interesting results came up. As you would expect the larger departments would have the larger percentage. So too did the courses that have the biggest changes to curriculum, like IT (Computer Science) and MFL (new GCSE implications). IT / Computer Science is up 100% from the whole of the previous year. You can tell that the changing of IT to Computer Science change has been put into place with very little support.  The core subjects (Maths and English in particular) get most of their training for free when there is a change to the curriculum so our results are not so accurate (it would be interesting to see if other training providers noticed the same). Anyway, here’s the PIE chart with the percentages:

Percentage of bookings per department

This doesn’t necessarily mean that delegates attended more MFL courses than any other as the Teaching & Learning course have also been included. What it does mean is that we had more people from the MFL department spend more time developing their staff than any other (or at least during the autumn term 2015 they did) on our courses.

I’ll post something similar on the delegate position soon…that also shows some interesting results!

For more information on the courses we run, visit http://www.dragonfly-training.co.uk.


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