Removing Low Level Disruption from your Classroom

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March 22, 2016 by dragonflytraining

Do you ever struggle to manage the daily challenges that come with every class?  Children not getting along, playing on their mobile phones or just general disruption?

Alan Jervis, one of Dragonfly’s senior trainers having delivered over 1,600 courses over 30 years of teaching has extensive experience of employing new teaching and learning strategies will provide you advice regarding how to handle these challenges in an effective and assertive manner, in order to have the most impact.

Low-level disruption is the bane of the school teacher’s working life. This course will offer realistic solutions that have been proven to work for keeping students on task and minimising costly low-level disruption. We will engage with six methodologies to prevent hundreds of hours being wasted by students’ off-task behaviour.

This isn’t a behaviour management course that sells just a single way of dealing with all cases of low-level disruption. Quite the opposite, it will provide a variety of solutions to low-level disruption which will be demonstrated and teachers can reflect upon which technique works for them.

These course will be running in London, Cardiff and Manchester offering real world and practical solutions to an age old problem. The course will give you the confidence to improve your classroom management, reduce disruption and stress levels.  Click here to BOOK NOW.

Book on to this course today for our Early bird rates.  Why not follow us on twitter and let everyone else know that you’ve booked on to a #EarlyBirdDFT16 course?



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