Using Technology in the Classroom and around the School

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March 22, 2016 by dragonflytraining

Schools may soon be introduced to a new Bluetooth powered technology that could transform learning.  Pupils could soon have the ability to learn on the school bus or in the school grounds.

A school in Cardiff is introducing this technology to take learning out of the classroom as students will be able to use their mobile phones or tablets to access classroom materials in corridors or school grounds.

With this technology present, this can transfer learning materials, visual aids, revision guides and other resources to pupils via their own devices.

Aspire2Be– experienced leaders and teachers who are improving digital competency globally are involved in the project.  Their programs core products are designed to empower educators with the skills and confidence to inspire tomorrow’s leaders working with schools to find a solution to digital training and CPD needs.

With more and more schools using iPad technology and a variety of educational apps across all subject areas, its down to the teachers and the staff to adapt their lessons and maximise technology available to them.  With this technology in place, this has introduced all sorts of opportunities to engage and empower our students to further their learning in a variety of ways.

Here at Dragonfly training, we offer a variety of ‘Using the iPad in the Classroom’ courses. We are holding our ‘Using iPads to Teach English as an Additional Language’ course in London and Cardiff during the Summer Term.  This is just one of many iPad courses that we run to ensure teachers can leave our course confident and full of ideas on how to introduce technology into your subject.

With this specific course, we show how easily the iPad can be integrated into your classroom, whilst also demonstrating how students can be guided to create a vast range of materials and resources like videos and books that aid their acquisition of English.


Click here and book now so you don’t miss out on this great offer!

If you feel you need assistance in using the iPad in a classroom then book your place on this useful course today for our #EarlyBirdDFT16 price of £195 and increase your knowledge of using technology in the classroom.

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