The Ultimate Understanding of Mental and Emotional Health in Schools

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April 11, 2016 by dragonflytraining

There’s no doubt teaching faces huge problems.  But we wont be able to change anything unless we start shouting about how great the profession is.

An article which was publish by the Guardian discusses the negativity teachers face in and out of schools.  Secret Teacher, writer of the article discusses how they were faced every month with glossy magazines and emails full of doom such as “Suicide rate in teaching increasing, teachers strike and Ofsted issues.

In a drive for positivity, Secret Teacher discusses how they avoid negative colleagues and avoid getting drawn into the same complaints and how yet nothing has been done to resolve any issues.

The article discusses how Social Media can have an impact on teachers as incessranr grumblings about how desperate teachers are to not go into work on Monday mornings.  Every time they read something about how bad teachers have it, Secret teacher reminds themselves of something good that has happened that day: a student that has grasped something they didn’t understand before, or perhaps another who has made them laugh.

When people talk about the economy they say that, in order for it to grow, people need to hear positive news and have confidence in it. In some ways, the same applies to teaching: if we are to overcome problems such as poor morale, then – as well as discussing the challenges facing the profession – we also need to talk about why teaching is great and celebrate all the things that make our job enjoyable.

But at the moment, negativity within the profession has snowballed and it is not doing teachers or students any good. We – along with politicians and bigwigs – have talked the profession down for so long I worry the public has lost faith in us. Look at the recent doctors’ strike – people were hugely supportive. But on the last teachers’ strike, all comments from parents described teachers as “selfish”.  Teachers have lost the respect of the public in their own negative spiral and we need to claim it back.

If we’re to stand any chance of solving the problem of low morale that is driving teachers out of the profession, we need to stand up and shout, “This is the best job in the world.” Yes, teaching is hard. Yes, you do long hours. Yes, there are incredible pressures. But don’t be under any illusions that this isn’t the same in other jobs.

Our trainer Nina Jackson will be delivering her popular course ‘The Ultimate Understanding of Mental and Emotional Health in Schools’ across the UK this Summer. This course has been designed to prepare you to meet the challenges and needs of those who are desperate for your help. You will begin to recognise the warning signs of depression, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide that may have previously not been noticed. We will give you practical strategies that you can use and share in your schools and we will make sure you are ready to support not just the children you teach, but your colleagues and yourself.

You can book your place here and also find out more information on where the course is being held.




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