What Makes 21st Century Independent Education?

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September 8, 2016 by dragonflytraining

Dragonfly’s First Independent Schools’ Conference


On 9th November, we at Dragonfly Training will be holding our very first independent schools’ conference: ‘What Makes 21st Century Independent Education’. Taking place at Epsom College, this is a conference that will challenge conventional views on key aspects of independent education as well as offering practical solutions to the issue.

The autonomy independent schools have means that they can build on their strong traditions AND be forward-thinking and innovative; having the best of the past, whilst looking to the future as well. Unburdened by the red tape, jargon and government interference, independent schools could and should be dynamic centres of innovation as well as excellence. However, the perpetual balancing act of trying to meet parental expectations, maintain numbers and the need to steer a steady course in troubled times, means that many independent schools find themselves with difficult decisions to make.

This conference looks into many of these issues and asks… so what should as 21st Century independent school look like? How do we balance the great traditions with the needs of the modern world?

With 12 educational experts, 12 workshops, 4 keynote speeches, and 2 in-depth case studies, delegates will be subjected to a day of unprecedented training.

Here are some things to look forward to during the day:

  • Keynote Speech with Tony Woolstone: Exam Factories or Centres for Inspirational Teaching & Learning? What stops Independent Schools promoting Independent Learning?
  • Workshop with Thomas Packer: Problem Parents in Independent Schools? Yes, they can exist! Practical tips for dealing with difficult parents most effectively.
  • Case Study with Kat Schofield: Learning Beyond Levels- How changes to curriculum and assessment can be harnessed to improve learning.
  • Workshop with Cathy Walter and Cat Scutt: Confidence & Challenge: Designing Girl Friendly Learning. How can we design learning activities that will help girls achieve in the classroom and beyond?
  • Keynote Speech with Bethany Kelly: Just Survive Somehow: Lifestyle, Technology & Zombies – Worries of the 21st Century Student. Promoting mental health & well-being in schools.

Conference Trainers: Bethany Kelly, Kat Schofield, Jill Berry, Steve Badger, Thomas Packer, Cathy Walter, Murray Tod, Lawrence Matthews, Cat Scutt, Christophe Mullings, Tony Woolstone and Ian Thorpe.

Book Your Place Now!

1 Delegate: £300 + VAT | 2 Delegates: £500 + VAT | 3 Delegates: £675 + VAT.


Click here to book online. Alternatively, please call our office on 02920 711 787, or email alastair@dragonfly-training.co.uk for further information.




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